How To Create Chilis Long Island Iced Tea

You may have come upon this page searching for Chilis long island iced tea drink formula, I was in your shoes not too long ago. I try these things everytime I get there and I eternally treasured to create them the exact way. I found a good recipe and have included it below here but it just is not the same as what I found when searching for other copycat restaurant recipes . I lucked in for chilis long iced tea drink only by accident , because I was truly looking for another top secret recipe but from another place, KFC. I didn’t think I needful to purchase yet another recipe book, but I couldn’t resist. I think you will enjoy what I have given you below.

While it is one of the most ordinarily requested drink recipes, the ingredients of the Long Island Iced Tea may cause it to still be one of the more tough beverages to accurately prepare. The high liquor-to-mixer ratio of the drink along with its dense sugar concentration makes its required balance rather delicate. If the mixologist uses too heavy of a hand when it comes to the liquor pouring, the beverage can hold an extraordinary level of inebriation potential which still manages to be disguised by all of the sugar in the non-alcoholic ingredients. Contrarily, not enough liquor can furnish the consumer with an overly sweet beverage that tastes nothing like the Iced Tea it is meant (yes, this drink made in the proper proportions actually does flavour as well as taste alike(p) to a regular non-alcoholic Iced Tea!)

Prior to preparing this iced tea drink recipe, the following barware should be on hand:

    * Either a glass/steel Boston style cocktail trembler with strainer (recommended) or a 3 -piece stainless steel cocktail shaker set
    * A measuring Jigger, shot glass with measuring lines, or auto-measuring bottle pourer spout
    * A highball glass for each guest (approximately twelve ounce capacity)

Begin by placing a few ice cubes into each highball glass. Now , measure the following ingredients (quantity for each guest) into the cocktail shaker:

    * half oz of Vodka
    * half ounce of Rum
    * half ounce of Tequila
    * 1/2 ounce of Gin
    * 1/2 oz of Triple Sec
    * 2 oz of Sweet & Sour Mix

Give the ingredients a good three – 5 second shake to create a undifferentiated mix of the flavors, and then pour over the ice in the highball glass. Each glass should then have got a quick spattering of Cola (no more than 1 oz ), and last but not least a cherry garnish.

Popular modifications of the Chilis Long Island Iced Tea and their substitutions:

The Adios – replacing Blue Curacao for the Triple Sec, and Sprite for the Coke

Tokyo Iced Tea – switch Midori Melon Liqeur for the Triple Sec, & Sprite for the Coke

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Here is a short video for you to enjoy that may help you.


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